A Message from Ram Verma

I feel immensely happy to welcome you on the page where you can meet my ‘Competent Life Coaches’; and take your life to the next level with their assistance.
It has been a long-cherished dream of mine to create a competent team of life-changers, hope-generators and path-showers to the society; and make a positive change in the lives of students, youth, sportsperson, athletes, couples, senior citizens, corporate executives and individuals who seek transformation in their lives.

Anil Kumar Imprints



Mr Anil Kumar is a Business Trainer, Memory Trainer and NLP Master Life Coach.

He helps businesses increase productivity, improve performance and boost profits by creating high-performing teams, and provides those in leadership and management roles the skills of performance coaching. He also helps individuals to align them for their purpose of life.

He is an ex Indian Army Soldier, MBA, MA (Psy) and Certified NLP Master Coach. He is CEO of Indus Valley a Play School Chain, working with motive "To make such an education system which help to remain smile on the face of our kids". He is also is the Founder and Managing Director of the 'Anil Kumar Imprints' which provide the opportunity to Individuals and organizations to thrive through promoting their well-being and managing stress, and psychosocial risks. He has been empowering people and organizations through his unique scientific methods of coaching and counselling.

His mission is to empower the people for their holistic wellness, uplifting business leadership and cheerful relationship. His motto is to bring smiles back into his client’s life- not only by removing their past pains but also by making the present better along with creating positive patterns for the future.