A Message from Ram Verma

I feel immensely happy to welcome you on the page where you can meet my ‘Competent Life Coaches’; and take your life to the next level with their assistance.
It has been a long-cherished dream of mine to create a competent team of life-changers, hope-generators and path-showers to the society; and make a positive change in the lives of students, youth, sportsperson, athletes, couples, senior citizens, corporate executives and individuals who seek transformation in their lives.

Sandeep Kaul

WEBSITE:   www.decisivedestiny.com


With a successful career of 15 years in IT, I have been into Subconscious Re-imprint Life Coaching for 1 + years. I am training Individuals, Students and Corporates on how to create a life and business that gives them enormous power to decide their own destiny in the area of Health, Wealth, Relationships, Emotional & Mental Wellness. My key focus with Individuals and students to overcome mental blocks, have a purposeful future & an amazing Memory. My focus with business and corporate is to help their employees and leadership unleash the power of the human subconscious to ensure high productivity, goal setting and achievements, overcoming the impossible in business and build a world class organisation.
By Education I am an Engineer and have a Post Graduates Diploma in Business Management.
I am trained and mentored in Counselling, Neuro linguistic Programming, Memory Techniques, Fire walk, Catharsis, Detox the Mind, Speed Reading, Mind Maps, Creative Thinking by India No.1 Coaches Ram Verma, Pavan Bhattad & Gopal Krishnan
My Mission is to help my clients break through the unknown obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life, get clarity, become aware, observant of their situations & circumstances and be confident, fear free so they can create amazing personal & Professional Transformation