A Message from Ram Verma

I feel immensely happy to welcome you on the page where you can meet my ‘Competent Life Coaches’; and take your life to the next level with their assistance.
It has been a long-cherished dream of mine to create a competent team of life-changers, hope-generators and path-showers to the society; and make a positive change in the lives of students, youth, sportsperson, athletes, couples, senior citizens, corporate executives and individuals who seek transformation in their lives.

Sheetal Vijay

WEBSITE:   www.sheetalvijay.in


Founder, Director Charisma Mind World Wide
High Peak Performance Coach, Trainer
An Expert at Producing Results in a Personal coaching Session of 90 mins
She has touched the lives of 1900+ students, women, entrepreneurs and individuals across India with the services she has provided in past 14+ years of her serving journey, and is in the process of expanding it across globe already.
Her Certifications are Recognized by American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programing And International Hypnosis Association
She has won multiple awards
Mahila Ratna Award - March 2018 
Shishaka Ratna Award - Sept 2017
Performance Award - Jan 2015
You should definitely take up her intense sessions on High Peak Performance:
If you  want to excel in exams with smart efforts
If you want to double your income in 1 year 
If you want to overcome chronic illnesses or auto immune diseases 
If  you want to be more productive
If you are willing to follow the process shared, the results are guaranteed. 
As every problem is created in mind, it can be solved with mind too, with simple scientifically proven techniques
Learn to tap into the hidden powers of the subconscious mind with Sheetal Vijay, Bangalore